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Running Gait Analysis

We Develop A Custom Plan To Improve Your Running Movement And Form So You Can Run At Your Best For Fun, For Health, Or For performance!

Here’s What A Gait Analysis Session Can Do For You:

By watching you walk and run, a physical therapist can identify any poor movement or technique that can cause overuse injuries, decrease running efficiency, and keep you from hitting your next PR.

Even a “healthy” or uninjured runner can make small changes to their running form that can help them run faster and farther with less aches and pains.

Here’s What Happens During A Gait Analysis:

“I had stopped running because of IT band issues and after a handful of sessions with her I’m back to not just running but training for a half marathon! She really takes the time to figure out what’s causing the problem and gives you exercises and a plan that are easy to follow so you can stay moving!”
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