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Physical Therapy Services

Whether You Are Physically Injured Or Looking To Prevent Injury, We Are Here To Help.

We Offer A Personalized Approach To Your Wellness
Using Our Movement Clinic 3-Step Method:

Lynne 3step process


We Get to Know YOU

Have you ever felt like the medical system is impersonal? Often we are identified by an injury, our birth date, or an appointment time. Then when we get to see someone, we are lucky if we get to spend 15 minutes talking about what’s wrong. Forget about the how, the why…

That’s why our FIRST step is to get to know YOU and YOUR unique story.

While we are the experts in movement, YOU are the expert of YOU!

No two injuries are alike and although many people may suffer from similar pains, each person has his or her unique body, history, and concerns. So in order to truly help you, we have to get to know you!

Starting with our first connection and throughout our time together, we take the time to have an open conversation with you. This helps us to better understand your needs, how limitations are impacting your daily life as well as your running/walking and what goals you want to achieve.

As we get to know you better, we are able to determine the true causes of your pain, injury or limitations. We often find that the way that you live, work, and play now or in the past are key factors in why you are having difficulty or pain with running or walking.

Our goal at The Movement Clinic is to help you Move with Courage FOR LIFE. So we take the time to learn what that life looks like for YOU!


We Implement YOUR Customized Plan Together

If you’ve ever trained for a race, you have probably used a training program downloaded from the internet.
Maybe you learned that you need to strengthen your core and started doing the latest plank challenge.
Perhaps you’ve already worked with another healthcare provider and tried a bunch of different exercises.

I’m guessing since you are reading this, those plans didn’t help you walk or run better.


Those plans didn’t work because you need a plan tailored to YOUR needs and goals.

You can try adjusting the plan on your own and hope to meet your goals…

Or you can partner with The Movement Clinic where we’ve helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.

TOGETHER, we work with you as a team to set up YOUR customized plan to make sure you recover better, faster and stronger and get back to running and walking!


We Coach and Teach You How to Be Active FOR LIFE

Think about your best coach or teacher.
One of their most memorable qualities was the ability to help you achieve more than what you originally thought was possible. At The Movement Clinic, we see ourselves as coaches and teachers who ask…

“What would be possible if pain or injury wasn’t keeping you from running or walking?”

Usually we hear one of two answers:
I’m not sure or…
I just want to get back to walking and running without pain

When you are hurting, it’s difficult to see beyond the struggle and all you can think about is not hurting.

What we’ve witnessed in all of the people we have helped is that once you are feeling better….

YOUR vision of running and walking without pain becomes clearer and you start to say things like “I want to run a race.. I want to travel to… I want to hike…”

Suddenly there are no limits and you start planning for how you can be active FOR LIFE!

We take this golden opportunity to coach and teach you better ways to think and move so you can take charge of your health.

At The Movement Clinic, we believe that each of us is an athlete in the “game of life”. Our vision is to coach you to stay in the game and be active FOR LIFE!

If you’re dealing with a recent injury, or if you’ve been suffering with an injury for a while – it can be very tempting to pass it off as “nothing serious” and simply “put up with it” by carrying on as best you can. It also can be very easy to get disheartened and end up feeling “stuck”, wondering if you’ll ever be able to get back to running, walking, or being active like you used to…

If you’re frustrated with ineffective treatments or rest, know that you’re not alone. 

We see people just like you all the time.

A lot of people assume that you just need a few days rest when you get injured. At our clinic, we do the exact opposite.

When our runners get injured we start treatment the RIGHT AWAY. How are you going to get back to running or walking if you avoid doing it for a long period of time?

Often when you rest there is little if any pain – but as soon as you start up again, it comes back and no matter how much rest you give it – it doesn’t seem to be improving!

I’m here to help you get your active life back so you can walk and run as much as you want!

“Lynne is fantastic! I had stopped running because of IT band issues and after a handful of sessions with her I’m back to not just running but training for a half marathon! She really takes the time to figure out what’s causing the problem and gives you exercises and a plan that are easy to follow!”
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Some Of The Conditions We Treat Include...

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