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Our Success Stories

TRX gives me the strength training I don’t get from other activities to build muscle to help me be more productive and proficient in all three disciplines (of triathlon). Also, given my age (over 40), it has been significant in prevention of injuries!
Jo – 49 Years Old
“(Taking TRX) has helped my posture, my mobility and my mental health (in making new friends!).”

Anna – 58  Years Old

“As a TRX participant for over 2 years, I’ve noticed a HUGE improvement in my overall fitness,but especially in the areas of coordination, strength and agility. I love the small class size and Dr. Lynne’s constant attention to my form and positioning with correction as needed. This has carried over into my posture and form in all activities. It also boosted my confidence as I stepped out of my comfort zone to learn and thrive in something new.
The new relationships with the other girls are the icing on the cake!”


“Five stars isn’t enough. Like many people I started running a year ago while I was in treatment for alcohol addiction to help take my mind off everything else.  Not long after I was diagnosed with diabetes. Double whammy. No good times, (so I thought), and no sugar! Running was my outlet, my “me” time, a challenge, and my therapist. Then, after a race I could barely walk as a result of pain on the outside of my thigh. I tried everything I could find on the internet and drove my wife insane for the next month. I gave away the alcohol and life took my sweets. I was not going to give up running. I looked for specialist everywhere and to no avail. I was looking for someone with a more holistic  approach and who actually had passion for their work. Nailed it with Dr. Lynne and the Movement Clinic! Dr. Lynne’s approach to treatment and genuine concern has me back on the road and trails! I could not be more pleased with The Movement Clinic!”

Kay M.
“Dr. Lynne Virant is a LIFE SAVER! I have been seeing her for 5 years and she has allowed me to be able to keep moving without pain! Her vast knowledge and experience allows her to quickly assess the origin of a person’s limited movement or pain and then she can help you to understand the issue while teaching you how to work through it and to even correct it! I have learned so much from her and I rely on her to keep me mobile! At 65, I know that I will be able to much better enjoy my later years! Thanks to Dr. Lynne Virant!”
Laura S.
“Lynne Virant is absolutely magnificent! She is extraordinarily observant and zeros in on the cause of your pain. She has helped me with my initial hip pain and subsequent knee and hamstring injuries. I can move, sleep and have a genuine smile because she helped relieve the pain and was very determined to get to the cause. I would highly, highly recommend her!! Seriously, go see her!”
Sharon G.
“She is a delight to work with. I gained so much knowledge about my body, gained strength. Her coaching style is cheerful, encouraging, and patient. BTW I was in my early 70’s when we worked together. Highly reccomend.”
Ryann R.
“Lynne is fantastic! I had stopped running because of IT band issues and after a handful of sessions with her I’m back to not just running but training for a half marathon! She really takes the time to figure out what’s causing the problem and gives you exercises and a plan that are easy to follow so you can stay moving! If you’re thinking about contacting her, just do it! So worth it!!!”
Drew M.
“Lynne is seriously awesome! I’ve been a competitive athlete my whole life but only recently gotten into longer distance running (by my standards) and was having severe shin splints and moderate knee pain. Lynne did an awesome evaluation and in depth examination to get to the root of my problems. She’s very professional and goes above and beyond to help! I highly recommend going to see her!”
Megan C.
“Lynne did a movement screening for me. She was amazing! I work behind a computer most of the day and she was able to give me a focused assessment with additional advice for my daily routine. So valuable! Sidenote: I have never been able to touch my toes and after just 30 min with her I could do it easily!”

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